Cortland Breakfast Rotary Club

You can Contribute to the CBRC Website!

Forming now!
The new Website Committee will consist of four people plus Webmaster/Chairman (Steve). The group will be made up of individuals willing to take one of the following positions. The committee members will be charged with taking care of their stated duty by either doing it themselves or recruiting CBRC members to take action on their behalf. You can (and should) delegate some of your job to a few other members. Committee members must have e-mail access and check it regularly. There will be NO meetings. That's right, except for an initial orientation meeting we will NEVER have a scheduled meeting. All communications will take place by e-mail or message board.

Needed ! Web Police
Anyone can do this that has an eye for detail. Periodically "police" the Website for items that could be changed or embellished and stay in contact with Webmaster Steve. (IE: there isn't anything currently in the "Vocational Service" section) This person will not just spot deficiencies, but also conect with the individual committee members specializing in the need (pictures, creative writing, etc.)

Needed ! Picture Processer
This needs to be a person that owns and is reasonably good with an imaging software. This person would collect pictures for the site, adjust the quality, brightness, contrast, etc. and reduce them to the appropriate size for our use. The pictures would then be renamed in a convention we all agree on and emailed to Steve. The Picture Processer and the Photographer could easily be the same person.
Needed ! Photographer
Anyone with a digital camera that knows how to e-mail a picture can do this. Take pictures at meetings, at projects or any gathering having to do with our Club and e-mail them to the Picture Processor.
Needed ! A Creative Writer
Anyone can do this that has access to email. Be prepared to research and write about topics at the direction of the Webmaster or the Web Police and e-mail them to Steve.
Needed ! Current Events Editor
Anyone can do this that has access to email. Just moniter Club Meetings and write a short discription of what's coming up. Get as many particulars as you can and submit them by e-mail to Steve. Connecting with the Photographer for supporting pictures would be a bonus.

Everyone can help in some way, so get involved and help make our site the best it can be!
E-mail Steve today with your interest!


 Cortland Breakfast Rotary Club, PO Box 5572, Cortland NY 13045